President's Message: The All-Important Team

Apr 14, 2016

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that just about everyone reading this column has spent some time on a team. Whether that was in soccer, baseball, basketball or on the gridiron, you have an understanding of teamwork, working collectively to find success.

Maybe you’ve been a part of a high school or college shooting team, a team at an industry shooting event, served in the military, or even just being part of a family, which in the case of my five kids, was often a very challenging team sport for me and my wife. Trust me.

The point is, at some time in your life, you’ve had to work together with others to accomplish a goal. And likely, if you valued what you were doing, and gave some effort, you found success.

I know you’ve all been watching what’s happening politically right now. How can you not, right? The news stories about the campaigns are everywhere. And despite what you think about any or all of the candidates, one of them is going to be our next President. So the time to make a difference, is now. After the election, it’s simply too late.

capital-hill-2.jpgAs I write this column, I’m in Washington, D.C. for the annual National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Legislative Fly-In, where we’re gathering together in teams to make visits to Capitol Hill. We’ll be sharing important ideas and stories about the shooting sports industry with our national leaders, first-hand accounts on the impacts of legislation to our industry and our companies.

Throughout the year, legislators rely on groups like NASGW, NSSF, NRA and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation to share details and provide factual information about proposed legislation impacting the shooting sports industry. But there’s nothing more impactful than a legislator hearing directly from a constituent, business owner, employer or employee about the real personal ramifications of legislative actions. Our teams will be telling some very meaningful stories and making a meaningful impact. It’s important work and if you’ve never paid a visit to Washington to do this before, I strongly urge you to consider it. I can assure you, those who don’t agree with you are here.

Another NASGW partner, the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW), is right now working diligently to protect the bottom-line of business owners. You’ll see a separate article in this newsletter about an important effort that NASGW is involved with, which impacts nearly every business owner in America. Rules, regulations, guidance, and laws – anything decided or determined in this city has big consequences, and if we don’t stand up and voice our concerns when needed or support when warranted, we do ourselves and our industry a big disservice.

Make no mistake, politics is a team sport. It does not make a great spectator sport. Without you, our team is weaker. In this very important election year I encourage you to get engaged, get involved and join the team trying to make a difference for your companies and your industry.

Until next time,

KenyonGleason.jpg Kenyon Gleason President, NASGW

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