President's Message: Renewing the NASGW Brand

Mar 13, 2016

Hello and welcome to this newly formatted issue of the NASGW InSights newsletter. We’re excited about a new bi-weekly format and a fresh look. I hope you like it.

Moving forward you can expect an issue, focused on members, at the middle of every month. You’ll get another version at the end of the month which is broader and more industry focused. We’ve been working behind the scenes with Prime Incorporated to develop a lot of new content.

You’ve hopefully already seen and are exploring our new partnership with Orchid Advisors for a compliance initiative available to all of our members. If you missed the press release, be sure to check it out here. Or go online and get signed up here. We’ve also got another year of excellent training webinars on tap, facilitated by Growth Strategy Partners. Our first of four is coming up later this month.

We have other updates on the way, including a new NASGW Expo website, reflecting the importance of the Expo to all of our members. Many of you repeatedly tell us the Expo is one of your most critical meeting points throughout the year. With that in mind, we want to make sure you have access to any and everything you need for the show, all in one location. That website will go live as we get ready to start registrations and open up our hotel block. Be on the lookout soon.

You’ve surely noted already the new NASGW logo at the top of the newsletter, which is emblematic of the proud tradition and history of wholesale distribution in the shooting sports industry. Over the coming weeks we will be updating our remain material and communications channels with the new brand and look. We want all of our partners to know that you can put your trust in the NASGW and the two-step distribution channel.

Our mission at NASGW is “Bringing shooting sports buyers and sellers together.” We take it very seriously and it’s something we’ve been doing now for over 60 years. Folks, the wholesale channel is as relevant today as it ever has been. We just maybe haven’t been doing all we could to share the great stories and capabilities of our wholesalers and industry partners. So we’re going to do more because we’ve got a great story to tell.

2016 is a crucial year for our industry, for a variety of reasons. NASGW and its member companies understand the importance and significance this year might have on your business. We’ll be there for you.

I’d also like your feedback and want to include your voice in future issues of the newsletter. If you’re interested in sharing a perspective on wholesale distribution, let us know. Elsewhere in the newsletter is a link you can use to get in touch with us. Also, please add us to your marketing and public relations mailing lists because we want to hear about ways our members are making the shooting sports industry even stronger. We may share that info in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time,


Kenyon Gleason NASGW President

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