NASGW and Orchid Advisors - New Horizons in Supply Chain Compliance

Sep 1, 2016

I am very pleased to be able to tell you personally how excited we are at Orchid Advisors to be partnering with NASGW on a unique cooperative program to deliver compliance services to NASGW members.

This new program was announced on March 2. As an NASGW member, you are entitled to take advantage of its benefits right now. To learn more, please visit:

What is this collaboration about and how do you benefit?

The NASGW-Orchid Advisors collaboration brings NASGW members tools to enhance their regulatory compliance programs. The core elements of the program include:

Regulatory Education: Continuous FFL learning from Orchid Advisors through the industry’s largest online Firearms Compliance UniversityTM . Packed with over 80 compliance modules, the Firearms Compliance University is your online gateway to managing and growing your firearms business, with

  • Customized education and practice exams by department or functional role
  • Over 80 extensive videos and targeted material for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Dealers
  • Companion print books written in an easy-to-read style

You can take FCU anywhere through your mobile device!

  • Cooperative Forums: Timely and scheduled webinars that coincide with major regulatory announcements to provide a collaborative learning environment;
  • Compliance Programs: Proactive ATF compliance services and guides;
  • FFL Technology: Epicor FFL Compliance ManagerTM software, designed by Epicor Software in collaboration with Orchid Advisors, will be made available to NASGW members and every dealer that buys from a participating NASGW member. The Epicor FFL Compliance Manager application is designed to facilitate compliance with today’s complex and rapidly changing firearm laws and features best practices based on years of industry feedback. It streamlines the A&D book recording process and provides business owners with the tools to proactively manage compliance spanning the full firearms lifecycle—manufacture, distribution and sale of products. By combining Epicor’s industry leading business applications and Orchid Advisor’s recognized expertise in ATF compliance consulting, FFL Compliance Manager facilitates FFL launch, growth and optimization. Its scalable platform promotes compliance from any device, at any time, and for any sized FFL in the U.S.

NASGW members who participate in the new program obtain free introductory access to the Firearms Compliance University and FFL Compliance Manager. To enroll, all you have to do is read the supporting Terms & Conditions and register for the program

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Jon Rydberg CEO, Orchid Advisors

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