Chairman's Commentary: The Expo Is On The Horizon

Aug 15, 2016

Our Seasonal “bump” has come early this year. What has traditionally been a market driven by hunting seasons is now being driven by a political season. Every four years we expect there to be some lift in sales but this year’s increase has come earlier and larger than the industry expected.  When there is a national debate as we have seen, it drives consumers into our customer’s stores, sometimes for the first time.  A recent study showed firearm ownership rising to 44% of all U.S. households – a significant increase over the last 16 years.  

It is very important to stay in front of your customers because product demands are changing, sometimes on a weekly basis.  Having the right products on the shelf at the right time helps manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike. 

Staying in touch with those you serve is very important and that is why our NASGW team has been on the road talking with manufactures and wholesalers around the country about the state of the industry and this year’s upcoming Expo. Our travels have garnered some great insights from NASGW members about the industry and their thoughts on the importance of attending the expo.

For starters, the timing this year will land right before the general election, allowing all NASGW members to talk, strategize and plan for the aftermath of November 8, 2016 – whatever it may be.

Second, the NASGW Expo is the only event that is focused internally, meaning it allows us to talk business with the real decision makers that keep our industry moving forward. Other shows are unique in their own way, but the NASGW Expo provides all of us wholesalers and manufacturers the ability to focus on business instead of connecting with consumers.

Third, the Expo offers a great opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and friends from around the shooting sports industry. We may be competitors in some regards, but at the end of the day we are all fortunate to work in an industry with a lot of great, like-minded people, and it’s always fun to get together.

Beyond the Expo, NASGW is continuing to work diligently to help our members. We recently launched our new NASGW-Orchid Advisors Firearms State Portal and we are working to stay on top of recent banking issues like the incident Hogue Knives experienced with Wells Fargo. Compliance and banking are two areas that will continue to challenge the industry and NASGW will continue to educate our members and/or provide solutions.

Until Next Time,

Pete Brownell
NASGW Chairman

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