Chairman's Commentary: Disruptive Times

Jul 14, 2016

We are living in disruptive times. Traditionally this phrase is reserved for technology; but there are other disruptive forces to consider. Geopolitical disruption in our backyard and around the world has been and will be the biggest disruptor in our industry. Think of how our businesses have changed over the last eight years, strictly based upon demand spikes and falloffs driven by geopolitical disruption. 

If you read last week’s email from NSSF that NASGW forwarded along, the Attorney General of Massachusetts, Maura Healy made an attempt to change the definition of “Assault Weapons” to include, and ban, ALL semi-automatic firearms including 22 caliber rifles.

This comes on the heels of multiple legislative measures taken in California to control access to guns, ammunition and restrict uses of “Assault Weapons.” We are seeing an increase in the actions taken at the state level targeting the 2nd Amendment. So listen to these calls to action from organizations like NSSF, CSF, NASGW, and the NRA. Get involved and do your part to maintain our freedoms.

If there is any clarity to the crystal ball we use in planning, it would be the added complexity of compliance. If current administration ideology stays in office, be ready for significant regulatory disruption to pile onto the already present geopolitical disruption.

Take a deeper look at the compliance programs NASGW is offering as part of your membership. The federal regulation program is out now. Our state regulation program is just about ready to release. These are great educational courses for you and your team to learn from.

The next couple of months will be an uphill fight to put the right leadership into the White House. If we lose, the next decade will be an increasable fight to save the second amendment.           

All the best!

Pete R. Brownell
Chairman, NASGW

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