2016 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference Points Toward the Future of the Industry

May 17, 2016

By Orchid Advisors

FICC-logo.jpgThe 2016 Firearms Industry Compliance Conference (FICC), co-sponsored by Orchid Advisors and the National Shooting Sports Foundation, took place May 2-4 in Atlanta, GA with record attendance of more than 240.

Conference co-sponsor, Orchid Advisors, is the NASGW’s compliance partner. The conference theme was highly focused on the future - where regulations are headed, how new developments in product research and development affect FFLs and the processes and technologies FFLs are using to significantly improve their business. With three “tracks” of presentations – manufacturing-import-export, distribution/retail, and technology and regulations – the FICC offered “how to” instruction for all segments of the industry through 22 presentations and two extended pre-conference workshops.

Additionally, led by Marvin Richardson, Assistant Director ATF Enforcement Programs and Services, a large team from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) provided focused sessions throughout the conference, offering FFLs an opportunity to interact, ask questions and build relationships with the firearms industry’s key regulator. ATF used its appearance at the conference to announce the release of the first three rulings of 2016, ATF Rulings 2016-12016-2, and2016-3.

The same quality of compliance information is available to NASGW members through NASGW’s Supply Chain Compliance Program with Orchid Advisors. Benefits include a free introductory subscription to FFL Compliance Manager™, the new ATF compliance product co-developed by Epicor Software and Orchid Advisors. If you have not already registered for the benefits available to NASGW members ###u, please visit NASGW-Orchid Advisors Supply Chain Compliance Program now.

Jon Rydberg, CEO of Orchid Advisors, announced the addition to Orchid Advisors of former ATF Director Michael J. Sullivan, and opened the 2016 conference with a presentation on firearm industry trends and their impact on compliance. He showed conference attendees that adoption of new technologies, distribution of ownership for compliance throughout the organization and implementation of ERP-based controls are trends driving all segments of the industry forward. Greater availability of data and integration of supply and distribution chains offer compliance and operational opportunities as well as challenges.

FICC presentations aimed primarily at the distribution and retail segment of the industry included:

  • ATF Deputy Assistant Director of Field Operations, Andy Graham’s presentation on accurate record-keeping and how that relates to trace requests
  • Implementing Firearm Business Technology (Manufacturing and Distribution), by Jon Rydberg
  • Firearm Industry and Tax Compliance, by Karie Roers of Ernst & Young
  • Everything You Don’t Know about NICS, by Jill Montgomery and JoAnn Garrison, FBI NICS
  • Best in Class Retail Technology, by Doug Smith, Epicor Software
  • Harnessing Technology to Stay Compliant as your Business Grows, by Rob McAllister, Brownells
  • 2015 Regulatory Year in Review, by Camden Webb, Esq. and Chuck James, Esq., William Mullen

Next year’s FICC will take place May 8-10, 2017 at the Westin Arlington Gateway in Arlington, VA.

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