Wholesale Member Q&A: Malcolm Getz, Camfour

Apr 14, 2016

How long have you been a member of NASGW?

We have been a member of NASGW for over 40 years.

In what ways does your NASGW membership help your wholesale business?

The two main benefits we receive from NASGW are credit information provided by the Wholesaler Member Credex program and the annual NASGW Expo where we have the ability to meet with so many of our vendors in one place. The show is a great way to meet face to face with factory and C level executives as well as efficiently and effectively have scheduled time to discuss product movement to and through our company. It also is a great place to see new product and meet potential new resources.

What do you see as the biggest issue in 2016 for the shooting sports industry?

The social and political challenges in play with elections coming.

What advice would you give to a new manufacturer member of NASGW?

I would strongly advise them to not underestimate the value of two tier distribution. I would also highlight the importance of our annual trade show and to use that venue as an opportunity to schedule appointments with members who want to conduct business. Use the show as an opportunity to be proactive and set up quality appointments well in advance. They can never be too prepared to meet with a potential distribution partners and introduce their products.

Why do you think wholesale distribution is the best method of product delivery for the shooting sports industry?

Two step distribution is by far the best means for both product and promotion delivery.  Camfour/Hill Country has invested heavily in technology and warehouse systems that allow for same day shipment on most orders. We are essentially our retailers warehouse, giving them tens of thousands of items available for immediate delivery without the financial burden and risk of maintaining a large physical inventory.  

With promotions or new product launches, there is no better method of getting the word out to independent retailers than two step distribution.   On any given day, tens of thousands of interactions take place between the distributors and independent retailers.  From state of the art web sites and social media exchanges to old fashioned phone calls, distributors can single handedly communicate a factory’s message to tens of thousands of dealers in a matter of hours.  

Finally, the willingness of many distributors to finance the operations of small to large independent retailers is often overlooked within the industry.   On any given day, hundreds of millions dollars of unsecured credit is extended to retailers by the distributors.  This is the lifeblood of the industry, without terms, many retailers will not survive or they will limit their product offerings.  When factories circumvent two step distribution, they weaken the distribution channel's ability to turn inventory increasing invested capital and financing costs.   

Anything new on the horizon for your business in 2016?

2016 will be another great year for Camfour/HillCountry. We will continue to grow our sales and support staff employing new dedicated team members who understand and promote our vendors products while building successful B to B relationships with our dealers. We have also invested significant capital in our IT area. We built and launched our new dealer online store (EZGUN) late in 2015. 2016 will be a year of fine tuning our website using dealer and team input and experiences

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