NASGW Member Q&A Review

Jul 14, 2016

Our member Q&As have now been running for 4 months. We have received some great insight from members around the country. This month we thought we would take the time to recap who we've heard from and some consistent themes that we have been seeing from the members. It's always great to hear from our members so if you would like to contribute or have some thoughts about the state of our industry please feel to reach out to us.


Our group of contributors has been pretty diverse to date. We've had members from four different states and varying sizes of distribution. Here are those members.

  • Gary Zurn - Big Rock Sports - North Carolina
  • Malcolm Getz - Camfour/Hill Country - Massachusetts
  • Jack Baumler - W.L. Baumler Company - Ohio
  • Layne McGowan - Gunarama Wholesale, Inc. - Washington

In what ways does your NASGW membership help your wholesale business?

The biggest impact on our wholesalers' business seemed to be the annual NASGW Expo. This event brings together manufacturers and wholesalers to network, discuss, create partnerships, and grow the industry. 

What do you see as the biggest issue in 2016 for the shooting sports industry?

The clear theme here was the uncertainty of the upcoming elections. There are a lot of unknowns out there and for consumers, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. As always, we will do everything we can to keep you updated as we get closer to November.

What advice would you give to a new manufacturer member of NASGW?

There were two consistent themes in the responses to this question, the importance of the two-step distribution model and to importance of leveraging the relationships that are built during the NASGW Expo. To get the most benefit out of your NASGW membership take the time ask questions and soak up all that you can from wholesale and manufacturing members who have been involved in the industry for a while.

Why do you think wholesale distribution is the best method of product delivery for the shooting sports industry?

We had a variety of benefits in regards to the two-step distribution model. One of the themes that seemed stick out was the ability to alleviate concerns of overstocked inventories for both the manufacturers and the retailers. Another theme was the efficient sales process through the use of technology that most of the wholesalers had. Both of these benefits provide the manufacturer time and energy along with cost savings, to focus on product development. 

Anything new on the horizon for your business in 2016?

Again we received a variety of responses to this question but the underlying themes were growth and reinvestment in their respective businesses, and in the industry. This is a great sign for the shooting sports industry as we continue to see growing sales heading into the November elections. 

If you would be interested in contribution to either a Wholesale Member Q&A or a Manufacturers Q&A please contact Gregg Alexander at We appreciate the contributions of all the NASGW members and look forward to advancing discussions and topics within the shooting sports industry.

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